Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Cue Should I Get?

Cue Size Vs. Room Size Chart

Why can't I just move my pool table with a few of my buddies?

Moving a pool table and games can be a tough task that takes serious planning and finesse. We know it’s easier to ask friends to help with your move but did you know that pool tables are never meant to be lifted off the ground?

Engage with a professional to move your pool table and in the long-term save money on future repairs of your pool table due to improper lifting during your move. Get a moving quote HERE.

What is the difference between hiring low cost moving companies and EZ Billiards?

The clear difference here is generally experience and training, which EZ Billiards offers to all of our clients. Our movers are specially trained to move your pool table, arcade games and MORE without damaging your gear and for a fair price based on the project. If you’ve been quoted a very low price for your move make sure you confirm their training, insurance and ask for references!

What kind of pool table should I buy for my home?

Did you know that not every pool table is the same? That’s why we recommend speaking with one of the EZ Billiards Experts to discover what you need for your home. There are a variety of types, styles, materials and we know them all!

How To Measure Your Pool Table Size

The first step in order to refelt a table or even move one is to know the size of your table first. The best way to measure your pool table is to measure from the tip of the bumper on the inside of the playing surface.

How To Measure Your Pool Table Size

  • 6 Foot Size If Playing Surface is 32" W x 64" L
  • 6 1/2 Foot Size If Playing Surface is 36" W x 72" L
  • 7 Foot Size (standard bar size) Playing Surface is 38" W x 76" L
  • 7 Foot Diamond (diamond smart table) Playing Surface is 40" W x 80" L
  • 8 Foot Size (standard home size) Playing Surface 44" W x 88" L
  • 8 Foot OS (Oversize or Pro 8) Playing Surface is 46" W x 92" L
  • 9 Foot Size (Regulation or Tournament 9) Playing Surface is 50" W x 100" L
  • 10 Foot Size (Regulation Carom) Playing Surface is 56" W x 112" L
  • 12 Foot Size (Regulation Snooker) Playing Surface is 69.5" W x 139" L