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Navigating Billiards Queries: From Cue Sizes to Table Measurements and Choosing the Right Pool Table with EZ Billiards

What Size Cue Should I Get?

What Size Cue Should I Get?

Why can't I just move my pool table with a few of my buddies?

Moving a pool table and games may seem like a task your buddies can handle, but it involves more than just lifting and loading. Pool tables are intricate and delicate equipment, and improper handling during a move can lead to significant damage. Here's why engaging professionals like EZ Billiards is the more intelligent choice:
  • Precision and Planning: Moving a pool table requires meticulous planning and finesse. Professionals are trained to disassemble, transport, and reassemble the table with precision, ensuring it arrives at its destination in perfect condition.
  • Avoid Improper Lifting: Pool tables are not meant to be lifted off the ground, and attempting to do so can result in structural damage. Professional movers know the correct techniques to handle the weight and structure, minimizing the risk of damage.
  • Long-Term Cost Savings: While it might be easier to ask friends for help, the long-term cost implications can be significant. Improper lifting during a move can lead to hidden damages, requiring costly repairs. Investing in professional movers now can save you money on future repairs.
Get a Moving Quote with EZ Billiards: Ready to move your pool table without the stress and risk of damage? Request a moving quote from EZ Billiards HERE.

Difference Between Low-Cost Movers and EZ Billiards:

Choosing between low-cost moving companies and EZ Billiards comes from experience and training. EZ Billiards offers specialized training to our movers, ensuring they handle your pool table, arcade games, and more with expertise. If you've received a low quote from another company, confirm their training and insurance and ask for references to protect your valuable equipment.

Choosing the Right Pool Table for Your Home:

Not all pool tables are created equal. With various types, styles, and materials available, it's crucial to consult with the EZ Billiards Experts to discover what suits your home best. Our team has extensive knowledge of the options and can guide you to make an informed decision that aligns with your preferences and space. Contact us today to speak with our experts and find the perfect pool table for your home.

How To Measure Your Pool Table Size

The first step in order to refelt a table or even move one is to know the size of your table first. The best way to measure your pool table is to measure from the tip of the bumper on the inside of the playing surface.
How To Measure Your Pool Table Size
  • 6 Foot Size If Playing Surface is 32" W x 64" L
  • 6 1/2 Foot Size If Playing Surface is 36" W x 72" L
  • 7 Foot Size (standard bar size) Playing Surface is 38" W x 76" L
  • 7 Foot Diamond (diamond smart table) Playing Surface is 40" W x 80" L
  • 8 Foot Size (standard home size) Playing Surface 44" W x 88" L
  • 8 Foot OS (Oversize or Pro 8) Playing Surface is 46" W x 92" L
  • 9 Foot Size (Regulation or Tournament 9) Playing Surface is 50" W x 100" L
  • 10 Foot Size (Regulation Carom) Playing Surface is 56" W x 112" L
  • 12 Foot Size (Regulation Snooker) Playing Surface is 69.5" W x 139" L

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