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EZ Billiards is a full service billiards and games equipment retailer and repair service with over 27 years of experience servicing customers located in Santa Clarita and surrounding areas. Located in the City of Santa Clarita, a short drive north of Los Angeles, our expert team offers professional services, as well as custom solutions to ensure that your home game room is equipped with all the finest in recreational games to enjoy all year long.

Services Offered by EZ Billiards:

  • Pool Table Moving
  • Pool Table Refelting
  • Pool Table Re-Leveling
  • Pool Table Repairs
  • Assembly & Disassembly for Moving

In addition to services, EZ Billiards offers an easy to use online purchase platform for all your gaming needs including, darts accessories, pool tables, ping pong, foosball, shuffleboard and arcade game tables.

For ease and convenience, our expertly trained technicians can come to your home or office to ensure that each service of your billiards and games equipment is completed accurately, and with the utmost of care in every situation. EZ Billiards provides reliable service and pool table delivery to all of Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, Los Angeles County, Kern County, San Bernardino County And Inland Empire.

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Bakersfield, CA Description

Bakersfield is situated in inland Southern California and it was established 1858.Bakersfield was initially possessed by the Yokuts Indians a long time back. Spanish preachers were the main Europeans to visit the region in the later piece of the eighteenth 100 years. The disclosure of gold on the Kern River in 1851 pulled in the primary rush of trailblazers. The City of Bakersfield was officially embraced in 1898.

Bakersfield, CA Area 

Bakersfield covers a complete area of 372 sq. km, of which just 3.6 sq. km is inhabited by water, and 368 sq. km is land. This huge city is located roughly 443km southeast of the capital city of Sacramento and 180km north of Los Angeles. Bakersfield is found by the southern part of the Valley of San Joaquin, with as far as Sequoia National Forest at the foundation of the Greenhorn Mountain Range.

Population of Bakersfield, CA

The city has a inhabitants thickness of 1039.81 occupants per sq. km. The number of inhabitants in Bakersfield has expanded from the past US Census, which kept a populace of 347,483 occupants in 2010 and presently is home to 403,455 occupants starting around 2020. The biggest ethnic gatherings in Bakersfield are the Hispanic White.

Bakersfield, CA History

Archeological investigations have uncovered that the present-day Bakersfield region was occupied by Local American settlements for millennia. Before the appearance of the Spanish inhabitants in the district, the region was occupied by the locals. They dwelled in lodges along the Kern River and chased different creature species, including antelope, bears, fish, and game birds.

At the appointed time, a few pilgrims showed up in the locale following the revelation of gold and oil in the San Joaquin Valley. It is accepted that the present-day Bakersfield region was at first a bulrush covered marshland and these swamplands along the Kern River were recovered and settled by Thomas Bread cook in 1863.

Bakersfield, CA Popular Facts

Bakersfield and its nearby areas give the open door to an abundance of outside exercises, including and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

The city is a critical center point for both farming and energy creation. The most useful oil delivering region in California and the fourth most useful farming area in the US. Enterprises in Bakersfield incorporate flammable gas and other power extraction, mining, oil refining, conveyance, food handling, and corporate territorial workplaces.

Weather in Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield encounters a desert environment with exceptionally sweltering and dry summers and cold winters. The warm summer season endures from the very start of June to the furthest limit of September, with a typical high temperature running somewhere in the range of 36.6°C and 21.6°C. The freezing winter season endures from mid November to the furthest limit of February, with a typical low temperature running somewhere in the range of 5°C and 15.5°C.

Bakersfield,CA Public Transportation

Bakersfield is overhauled by a broad parkway network which incorporates three interstates. State Highway 99 divides the city from north to south, while State Highway 58 exists as a turnpike east of SR 99, servicing the southeast area of the city. The greater part of Bakersfield's significant roads are six-path separated streets with bicycle paths, with pretty much every road in the city having appropriate path signage for bike traffic. Bicycles are a well known strategy for transportation in Bakersfield, because of the city's generally level geology and matrix-like road framework. Fresher areas on the edges of the city, recently encompassed by two-path ranch streets, are provoking all the more enormous, isolated streets to be worked to assist with facilitating the expansion in rush hour gridlock that has come about because of a blast in population.

List of parks in Bakersfield, CA:

Aera Park

Amberton Park

Beach Park

Park Facilities

Beale Park

Bill Park Greens Park

Campus Park North

Campus Park South

Castle Park

Centennial Park

Centennial Plaza

Central Park At Mill Creek

Challenger Park

Coral Keys Park

Corvallis Park

Deer Peak Park

Garden Park

Greystone Park

Granite Pointe Park

Grissom Park

Haggin Oaks Park

Jastro Park

Jefferson Park

Joshua Park

Kroll Park

Kern River Parkway

Kroll Park

Lowell Park

Patriots Park

Pin Oak Park

Planz Park

Quailwood Park

River Oaks

Saunders Park

Seasons Park

Siemon Park

Stiern Park

Stonecreek Park

Solera Gardens Park

Tevis Park

Tradewinds Park

University Park

Sports in Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield has two universities with solid sports programs. The Bakersfield Renegades playing for Bakersfield College, a junior college with 19 varsity sports, the most striking being football. The nearest significant games groups are in Los Angeles and they have many fans in Bakersfield. The city is home to two small time pro athletics groups: the Bakersfield Condors and the Bakersfield Train Robbers baseball club. It was already home to the California Association's Bakersfield Blast ball club which stopped tasks after the 2016 season.

Bakersfield, CA Schools & Colleges

Public College and College of Phoenix keep their grounds in Bakersfield, while the College of Laverne, Fresno Pacific College, and Point Loma Nazarene University all have branch grounds situated in Bakersfield. San Joaquin Valley School and St Nick Barbara Business School additionally have grounds in Bakersfield.

Exciting Attractions in Bakersfield, CA

Something you need to find in Bakersfield is the peacocks that meander uninhibitedly at Hart Park. You can recognize different extra untamed life and birds at Hart Park. Other than watching natural life, you can likewise do different exercises, such as playing baseball, having a cookout in one of the various outing offices across the recreation area, swimming, fishing, and numerous different exercises.

This Crystal Palace residence is one of the city's most famous vacation destinations; it highlights contemporary and exemplary nation shows and moving. The menu at the Crystal Palace offers delightful food going from canapé opening demonstrations to principal stage dishes, including southern style steak.

The Kern County Museum center observes Kern County’s way of life and rich history in imaginative, fun, and engaging ways, utilizing a large number of displays, extraordinary occasions, and instructive projects for all ages.

Bakersfield,CA Household income 

Families in Bakersfield procure a middle yearly pay of $67,842. 45.02% of the families procure more than the public normal every year. Family uses normal $62,179 each year. Most of the income gets spent on Shelter, Transportation, Food and Beverages, Health Care, and Utilities.

Shopping Centers in Bakersfield,CA

The midtown antique locale, the Valley Plaza Mall and their Commercial center are famous shopping regions in Bakersfield. Customers in Bakersfield won't have any desire to miss an outing to one of the public retailers at the Northwest Promenade or to a privately claimed shop clothing store.

Whether you want to get necessities for a setting up camp excursion, garments for a family gathering or simply need motivation to go overboard on another sets of shoes, Bakersfield has a retailer for you.

Bakersfield,CA Arts and Culture

The city acquired popularity in the last part of the 1950s and mid 1960s for the Bakersfield Sound, a guitar driven subgenre of bluegrass music that economically overwhelmed the business for over 10 years. Buck Owens and Merle Fatigued were its most popular stars.

Bakersfield has five film multiscreen theaters like Edwards Bakersfield Arena 14, Perusing Films Valley Square 16, Maya Films Bakersfield 16, and Regime Theaters East Slopes 10. There is likewise a second-run theater; Starplex Films 6. The memorable midtown Fox Theater has been remodeled, and is presently a scene for shows, performers, entertainers, and films.