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Assembly & Disassembly

We have installed thousands of pool tables from commercial to residential. With multiple people on staff who have completed the Master Installer Training Program, we can precisely set-up any table you have bought from us or a table you have purchased from somebody else. We can install any 3-piece slate, 1-piece slate, coin-operated, and ball return pool tables. We promise to have it set-up how you want it with a perfect roll every time.

Whether you moved, just bought a new table, are giving yours away, or even have to redo your flooring and need to temporarily relocate your table we will get the job done.

Bumpers, Side rails, and slates will be removed; felt is inspected and removed carefully to be reused. Parts are then bagged and wrapped safely. If a table needs to be shipped we will pack slates into individual crated or safer support.

Pool Table Moving

Are you moving? Remodeling? No matter the situation you can contact us and we will move and handle your table with extra care and professionalism.

We have over 27 years of experience - With Ezbilliards we can move pool tables throughout Southern California. We can also help you with your state to state move by Professionally crating and package your pool table for safe transport.

We will come to your home or business, disassemble the table as required, pack it, move it to the destination, reassemble the table and level it for a perfect roll. We offer, professional experienced service, take the greatest care with your table and also within your home or business.

Our Services Include:

  • Professional breakdowns, rails, pockets, felt, slate, base, and legs.
  • Leveling included with moving/relocation.
  • Moving to a different location or city
  • Re-installments of the table at a new location with your current felt.
  • Room to Room moving.
  • Storage room

Pool Table Refelting

Whether you would like to bring an old table back to life, get a new look to your new table, or get a custom look to your table we can fulfill all your needs. with over 27 years of experience working on and servicing pool tables, we can expertly replace your cloth in a precisely timely manner. You can choose from 29 different colors of felt! And you can also change the look of your table by doing a different color on your bumpers than your table. We can also do custom logos of your choice on the felt. Before you give us a call make sure to know the size of your table.

To measure your table grab a tape measure and measure the width of the table from the tip of the bumper to the tip of the bumper on the other side.

  • 39" (7ft Table)
  • 44" (8ft Table)
  • 46" (8ft Professional Table)
  • 50" (9ft Table)

Our Services Include:

  • Carefully remove the existing cloth from the slate bed and the cushions.
  • Clean the slate and cushions in preparation for the new cloth.
  • The cloth will be stretched over the slate and a new balk line and spot position will be marked.
  • The cloth will be brushed, the cushions refitted and the table will be professionally recovered.

Pool Table Leveling

Is your table uneven? Ball won't roll straight? If a table is not level it will make it very frustrating trying to play. Just take a seat, relax and let our professionals come level your table for you!

Pool Table Repair

Is your table broken? Needs some new parts? Or your just want to change it up a little, go ahead and give us a call. Our team expertly can repair and replace any part of your pool table regardless of the brand or manufacturer. We can replace your old beat up bumpers to give the ball more life, replace old worn down pockets with our brand new ones, replace your rails, and more.

Our Services Include:

  • Replacement of pockets
  • Replacements of cushions
  • Replacements of felt
  • Maintenance and more

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